We enable real-time graph analytics

by querying your big data 

100 times faster

Commercial Software

What is a "Graph" ?  data structure that contains a set of connected items
Graphs data storage is more efficient than relational DB
when there is a need to describe and search large scale relationships

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The Challenge

Graphs’ algorithms are generally sequential with strong data dependency


Machine single thread performance is flat and not expected to change  

Scale Out or other SW measures do not improve speed

Graph speed is #1 problem !!! 

Our Solution

Domain Specific Computing

We remove the compute bottleneck !

100 times faster graph search

speedup Vs. SW


Cloud & On-Premise

Real Time Applications

Fraud Detection

Timely detection of fraud in commercial transactions is critical to avoid accumulated financial loss.

An inherent trade-off exists between data volume, search algorithms complexity and time to result when using graph data base.
ArtSim helps to meet the need for fast and accurate detection (reducing false positive & false negative) in real time by harnessing the power of FPGA

Cyber Security

Cyber security systems use several graph search algorithms in order to track the paths between relevant nodes (i.e IP addresses, machine ID's etc..) to identify potential hacking from a given particular source or destination

Recommendation Engine

Real-time recommendation engines are key to the success of any online business. To make relevant recommendations in real time requires the ability to correlate product, customer, inventory, supplier, logistics and even social sentiment data. The key technology in enabling real-time recommendations is the graph database


An automated software for fastest Graph search algorithms, designed by ArtSim

Available on standard cloud instances


Designed to speedup the execution of complex search queries

  1. Unique graph implementation on standard FPGA

  2. Cloud or On-premise implementation

  3. Easy integration into customer's application via API

  4. Speed-up application up to 2 orders (depends on algorithm)